NightWise™ Introduces Intelligent Release Technology™ to Help America Sleep Without Sedatives

NightWise, LLC is a science-based consumer health company, headquartered in Atlanta, and focused on helping people understand the power and importance of restorative sleep, announced today the launch of its innovative sleep solution NightWise™.

NightWise™ contains tiny beads in each capsule that are released during the night using a unique 3-phase system that works with the body's natural sleep cycles to help people experience restorative sleep. The ground-breaking innovation used in NightWise™ is the Intelligent Release Technology™, specifically designed to deliver the perfect dose of trusted ingredients throughout the night.

“What sets NightWise™ apart from any other sleep product on the market is our phased approach,” said Danny Rinaldi, CEO and Founder. “We also utilize a micro-dose of melatonin as too many people are overdosing this naturally occurring hormone. Our unique combination of drug-free, trusted ingredients, intelligently delivered stand in stark contrast to the sedative nature of the leading over the counter solutions and prescription drugs along with their side effects of morning grogginess or addiction.”

Sleep deprivation is an epidemic with 70 million Americans struggling to get enough sleep each night. Its impact can be felt from daytime sleepiness and the reduced quality of life it can produce to the potential long-term health issues like depression, obesity, diabetes, and even cardiovascular disease.

The goal of NightWise™ is to help people achieve restorative sleep and go through crucial stages of repair and renewal. The ingredients in NightWise promote this type of sleep by helping you fall asleep, reduce occasional sleep interruptions and improve sleep duration.

“Restorative sleep is vital for your physical, mental and emotional health. Our Intelligent Release Technology™ allows your body to enjoy more continuous sleep, which means your body will naturally modulate the ratio between REM and Deep Sleep that meets your individual needs to achieve restorative sleep,” said Scott Forsberg, Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder. He added, “It can help you be happier, more productive, more energetic, and more alert.”

“Restorative sleep is vital for your physical, mental and emotional health," said Scott Forsberg, Chief Science Officer and Co-Founder