Sleep is the miracle drug, we’re just the capsule.

We’ve all become health conscious —
it’s time to become sleep conscious.

Restorative sleep is so much more than rest—it’s an active sequence of stages and cycles with far-reaching health and lifestyle benefits. In fact, we believe the way you sleep is just as important to your life as diet and exercise—and the science conducted by the world’s leading researchers agrees.

Restorative sleep is vital for your physical, mental and emotional health. Our Intelligent Release Technology allows your body to enjoy more continuous sleep, which means your body will naturally modulate the ratio between REM and Deep Sleep that meets your individual needs to achieve restorative sleep. It can help you be happier, more productive, more energetic, and more alert.

Sleep, not NightWise, is the miracle drug. Our job is simply to get you to sleep the way your body wants to. That’s what we call being Sleep Conscious.

NightWise is a great first step to becoming Sleep Conscious. But it’s not the only one. Here are a few lifestyle tweaks we’re sure will change the quality of your Zzz’s


To become Sleep Conscious, our bedroom must be fine-tuned for restorative sleep.

Make your bed and lie in it.

Your bedding’s the first touchpoint on your journey to sleep, so make sure it’s comfortable for you.

Control the climate.

Cooler temperatures, around 65F, help you enjoy a more restorative night’s rest.

Get in the mood.

A dark, quiet space sets the tone for sleep. Grab an eye mask or a white noise app and thank us in the morning.

Don't do it in bed.

Unless you’re doing it. Beds are made for sleep and sex only. Doing anything else there might make you toss and turn when it’s time to power down for the day.


When things get busy, it’s easy for sleep to slip through the cracks. But a consistent schedule is crucial to consistently getting restorative sleep.

Consistency is key.

Get into the habit of going to bed and waking at the same time. This will help your body find its rhythm and might make setting alarms a thing of the past.

Make time to unwind.

To soothe the mind, create an evening ritual full of calming pre-bed activities such as a hot shower or relaxing read.

A word on naps.

20-minute naps earlier in the day are a great way to regain energy. But napping longer risks throwing off sleep at night and waking up dazed. Nap responsibly.


Getting your circadian rhythm right is an around-the-clock process.

Soak up some rays.

Sunshine is rich in vitamin D. Exposure to sunlight during the day is key in keeping our circadian rhythms in tune and getting a good night’s rest.

Break a sweat.

Shockingly, resting during the day can lead to restless nights. Make sure to get up and move.

Curb your caffeination.

Caffeine is fine in moderate, enjoyable amounts in the morning, but try to limit or eliminate caffeine after noon or 1 p.m. for restful sleep.

Don't spice up your sleep life.

It’s hard to sleep deeply when your body’s still digesting that pad thai you ate before bed. If you must eat late, eat light and lose the spice.

Do the impossible. Unplug.

Phones, tablets and laptops stimulate the brain and decrease melatonin production, so try to unplug for the last hour of the day. But if you need a good scroll before you snooze, like most of us, NightWise can deliver the appropriate collection of ingredients that nature has to offer for restorative sleep.

If these tips speak to you, don’t sleep on it. Try them out with NightWise and feel the difference in the morning.
Join the sleep conscious.