Be sleep conscious.


Important things happen when you close your eyes.

Your body has a lot of work to do before you rejoin the world in the morning. Slipping into sleep is just the first step. NightWise wants to shepherd you through the many cycles of sleep using our Intelligent Release Technology that delivers the exact dosages you need throughout the night.

NightWise takes a more thoughtful approach to sleep, so you feel refreshed and rejuvenated in the morning and beyond. A good night’s rest is arguably the most important part of your day. It’s time to treat it that way.

Be Sleep Conscious.

Meet the team.

Danny Rinaldi


Danny’s sleep research landed him a front-page feature in The Wall Street Journal, positioning NightWise as a pioneer in the sleep industry. A health-conscious entrepreneur, Danny is a competitive powerlifter and works nightly to become a better sleeper. Which, of course, includes taking NightWise. LinkedIn


Scott Forsberg

Scott’s 30 years in the dietary supplement industry gave him time to perfect the art of creating cutting-edge products through hard science. An avid outdoorsman, rock climber, and scientist, Scott believes in combining the best of nature and science to forge a healthy, sustainable future.

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